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Dry Rot Fungus Remediation

You are not the only ones having problems ...

Dry Rot Fungus or Serpula Lacrymans:

Dry rot fungus, or serpula lacrymans, attacks the wood structures of buildings. Mainly found in crawl spaces or basements that have breaches that connect to the ground. For example cracks on the cement slab or walls.

This fungus, or mushroom, eats the cellulose of the wood. It is noticed by the state of the wood after its passage. It will leave the state of the structures of wood in cubic rot. This type of decay is compared to wood elements following a fire. Such as fire, serpula lacrymans, or dry rot fungus, destroys the cellulose of the wood, so what remains is lignin ”cubic rot”.

In many cases, Serpula Lacrymans or dry rot fungus will be seen surrounding bricks, such as chimneys or rock foundations. These materials are not consumed by this fungus or mushroom, they are only used as a bridge to continue its pursuit for other cellulosic elements.

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How to remove dry rot fungus

Specific interventions are required in order to eradicate dry rot fungus or serpula lacrymans. Apart from following the mold decontamination procedures, the complete rehabilitation of the crawl space is necessary if such is the case.

Certain interventions are sometimes required, for example:

  • Burning of the masonry in specific areas
  • Drilling and injecting the foundations with an eradication solution
  • Etc.
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What is Serpula Lacrymans (dry rot fungus)

Serpula Lacrymans or dry rot fungus is not harmful for someone’s health, but extremely devastating for the building. Another name for this fungus is the ”building cancer” due to its network of roots which are spread like cancer in humans.

Eliminating 100% of this fungus or mushroom is many times hard to achieve, this is why we have to change its living conditions.

For this fungus to be alive and well, four elements are necessary:

  • An unventilated environment
  • Absence of light or poor lighting
  • Presence of food ”wood or other cellulosic materials”
  • Presence of humidity, often a direct link with the ground.

In absence of these conditions, serpula lacrymans or dry rot fungus will not have the proper environment to ensure its development.

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Removal of dry rot fungus without destruction

Complete destruction of your home is not the only way out. On the contrary, we have been solving dry rot fungus problems for many years. Our experience in the field is unequaled.

All properties having dry rot fungus issues need a quick intervention. With the right know-how and specialized equipment, Fongix Decontamination is able to give a new life to your building, and thus, add value to the property.

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